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OBA Testimonials

See and hear what the OBA students and alumni say about the OBA.

I have been powerfully impacted by studying with OBA. I am learning so much and experiencing transformation. I am developing a better understanding of the scriptures and I appreciated my instructors and their feedback. I am so thankful and grateful for this blessing.

Angela Price, OBA Student

Angela Price.jpg

I co-lead a support group for people struggling with relationships, depression, etc. I find the things I've learned in OBA really help as I counsel people in the group.

Kim Cissell, OBA Student

Kim Cissell 2.jpg

Before we were introduced to the OBA, we knew that God had a greater mission for us as a family. Sona had a passion to teach and had been praying for a Bible class for elementary kids. The OBA materials and tools helped her visualize how to move forward with this passion. Our desire is to use what we learned at OBA to equip the next generation.

Sona and Jobbish Zechariah, OBA Alumni

Sona and Jobbish.JPG


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