OBA Student Covenant


The Opened Bible Academy is dedicated to offering biblical and theological training to anyone whom God has given the desire. Donors who believe in this vision generously provide the funding for the different OBA programs to relieve students from the barrier of any costs. It is our desire to be good stewards of their donations and their belief and support in OBA and the vision of OBA.


To that end, admission to an OBA program requires the applicant to demonstrate that they are committed to the program in which they wish to enroll.


This document serves as a covenant between you (the student) and The Opened Bible Academy

As an OBA student, you commit to:

  • Attend classes; be on time and prepared to participate in the classwork and discussions

  • Apply yourself to your studies

  • Cooperate with the school administration and instructors by being diligent with requests and assignments

  • Turn in assignments on time

  • Keep up with reading assignments

  • Show respect for staff and fellow students

  • Ask for help if needed and provide help if asked

  • Conduct yourself in a manner that reflects your position as a part of the OBA community.

  • Adhere to the OBA Plagiarism Policy below and in the OBA Student Handbook:

It is expected that all students will submit accurate reports regarding their work and that all written assignments will be original to the student. Quotations and credits are to be acknowledged with appropriate footnotes. Sources used are to be identified in a bibliography. Evidence of plagiarism will result in a grade of F and possible expulsion.

 As an OBA Student, I have and read and understand the OBA Accreditation Statement below:

The Opened Bible Academy is not an accredited institution. This means the classes you take at OBA will not transfer for credit to accredited institutions. However, we are committed to high standards of excellence in every aspect of our program. Our policies for admission and retention are intentionally rigorous so that each student has the proper expectations and the same commitment to excellence as The OBA board, staff, and administration.


Accreditation is earned and is based on a solid history of high standards and excellence. If the Lord leads The OBA to pursue accreditation we want to be well-positioned to do so. However, we are committed to maintaining the original vision of our God for OBA whether accredited or not.