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Sponsor an OBA Student

Sponsor a Student

You can also support OBA by check payable to Opened Bible Academy mailed to:

I would like to support the vision of the Opened Bible Academy to offer exceptional biblical and theological training to anyone whom God has given the desire at absolutely no cost to the student.

I'd like to sponsor an OBA student with a recurring donation

Per month ($50 for 30 months) 

Per year ($600 for 2 1/2 years)






I'd like to support an OBA student with a one-time donation

Entire program ($1500)




I would like to support the OBA with a one-time donation of an

amount I choose.






Mailing Address:
1333 Old Spanish Trail, Suite G #336
Houston, Texas 77054

OBA provides seminary-trained instructors who love the Lord and are gifted teachers to: 

  • Prepare Disciples to share the Gospel with a higher degree of confidence. 

  • Prepare Students who want to ready themselves for Bible College or formal Seminary training. 

  • Prepare Staff & Teachers at local churches to better support their church, city, and world ministries through sound biblical instruction. 

OBA provides training to exceptional students: 

  • OBA students attend class week after week for two and a half years to intently study and learn God’s Word.

  • OBA's programs teach students how to dig in and study God’s Word for themselves.

  • After students leave class each week the real work begins. They work hard studying the Bible daily and wrestling through how to apply God’s revealed Word to our culture today.

OBA needs people who can serve financially to partner with us to prepare disciples: 

  • Fifty dollars a month for two and a half years will support an OBA student through their OBA program.

  • You will get an opportunity to hear first hand from the students about their class and their journey of transformation.    

  • Imagine a world where everyone, despite their financial situation or educational level; those who would not otherwise have the opportunity for this deeper examination of the Bible could thoroughly study the Bible in a way that transformed their hearts and changed their lives. Your monthly donation could support a student on this journey.


The Opened Bible Academy is a 501(c)(3) organization and all gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.