Transforming Hearts, Changing Lives

The mission of The Opened Bible Academy
is to offer tuition-free, exceptional biblical and theological training to anyone
whom God has given the desire.


We envision a ministry that offers exceptional biblical and theological training to the following target audiences: Motivated Lay Christians, The Unchurched, and Unbelievers Seeking Understanding.


We envision a ministry with seminary-trained teachers and leaders teaching God's word to the world with a heart-filled desire to serve.


We envision believers impacting the world through transformed hearts and Godly living.


We envision those that complete their studies at The Opened Bible Academy attending accredited Bible colleges and seminaries, overflowing with confidence because they feel equipped to matriculate in such demanding environments.

We envision those who are exploring Christianity, enrolling in The Opened Bible Academy because it is a safe place to learn, ask questions, and gain understanding without judgment.


We envision a need for a new reformation of the church as access to the Word of God is made available to all and more disciples are developed for the glory of God.


We envision biblical literacy rising to new levels as congregations are equipped with exceptional biblically and theologically sound teaching that would otherwise be out of their reach.


We envision a worldwide offering, and envision duplicating the offering first in other cities in Texas, then to other states and eventually the world.