Program: DISCOVERY (Coming Soon)

Many nonbelievers are curious about Jesus and would like to know more about Christianity, but feel uncomfortable reaching out. The Discovery Program will provide a place where they can learn and question without being rejected. This program is taught in a small group environment by seminary trained professionals who are committed to teaching and answering questions respectfully and with care and concern for each student. The Discovery Program overviews Christianity and details what Christians believe and why. The Story of the Bible course provides the student with an overview of how all the Books of the Bible fit together to convey one continuous story. We also overview the life of Christ and some Christian doctrine and discover how to translate what we learn in the Bible to life application. We finish the year off with a discussion of some basic theology concepts to familiarize the students with many concepts they may hear Christians discuss and even differ and where these concepts were developed biblically.

The Discovery Program is a 10 hour program that includes the following topics: Discovering Christianity 1 & 2, Story of the Bible, Christian Living, and Intro to Christian Theology.
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