Program: COMMUNITY (Coming Soon)

The Community Program is a great curriculum for anyone exploring Christianity. We discuss the foundation and tenets of Christianity in an environment that is conducive to asking questions and gaining understanding without judgment. This program is taught by seminary-trained professionals and will offer the student an overview of Christian doctrine and how this belief translates to life application. The student attends class two hours each week for eight weeks. There is a two-week break between the classes. This program begins with an overview of the Bible that offers the student an understanding of Christianity as it is revealed in the Bible. The next class examines what Christians believe. The Missional Living class discusses the life of Jesus and how through his examples and his teachings we are taught to live and interact with others. The Community Program includes a course on God’s Church to offer the student an opportunity to evaluate how the Bible describes and commissions the church. We finish the year off with a discussion of some basic theology concepts to familiarize the students with many concepts they may hear related to Christians and the Christian faith and where these concepts were developed biblically.

The Community Program is a 10 hour program that includes the following topics: Story of the Bible, Basic Christianity, Missional Living, God's Church, and Basic Theology.
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