An OBA vision sees some of those who complete their studies at the Opened Bible Academy attending accredited Bible colleges and seminaries overflowing with confidence because they feel equipped to matriculate in such demanding environments. The Bible College/Seminary Preparation program is perfect for anyone who has a desire to attend Bible College or Seminary. This program is taught by seminary-trained professionals and will prepare the student for the rigors of studying the Bible in a higher education institution. The student attends class two hours each week for eight weeks. There is a two-week break between the classes. There is one eight-week period each year where the student will attend an additional two hours to complete the required electives. The Bible College/Seminary Preparation program covers the same Foundational Courses and Bible Courses of the Bible Exploration Program, but includes additional Theology and Christian Life courses. Our desire at OBA is that many of our students completing this program will have confidence to go on to study at higher education institutions in preparation for future service to God’s kingdom.

Bible College/Seminary Prep Program
  • Story of the Bible

  • Bible Study Methods

  • Intro to Theology

  • OT - Pentateuch

  • OT - Historical Books

  • OT - Poetical/Wisdom Books

  • OT - Prophets

  • NT - Gospel & Acts

  • NT - Paul's Epistles

  • NT - General Epistles & Revelation

Required Elective Courses
  • Research Methods

  • Writing

Elective Courses
  • Effective Bible Teaching

  • Evangelism

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  • Christian Living & Evangelism